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Arcadia history

In 2014 we celebrated 120 years of Arcadia! There are many families who have generations which attend our school and live locally. Each year we proudly welcome new familes who continue to grow our heritage. 

Originally this area was called Galston Heights. Application was first made in 1891 for the establishment of a school at Galston Heights (now Arcadia). The proposed location was originally opposite Calabash Road and was designed around the access for the children of ‘school age’. In 1893, Mr David Hall donated half an acre of land on the corner of Geelans Rd and Arcadia Rd for a building to be erected. By January 1894 a weatherboard Hall was erected and this became Arcadia’s first public building which would be known as The Union Hall was used by many local groups including local churches.

The first school for the area was a house-to-house school taught by Mr Edward Aubrey from May 28, 1894 with 25 children. Mrs Norquay’s house was the first station, the Dowdling’s house (near Calabash Rd) was the second and Pocock’s house at Calabash Creek was the third.

Galston Heights’ residents were initially given permission from the Department of Education to establish its own full-time school on August 20, 1894; three years after the initial application.  The first Headmaster was Mr David Johnston from November 1894 till April 1897 with 35 pupils and used the Union Hall for classes.

The name Arcadia was adopted in 1895 by the local residents following the establishment of the local school. Mr John B Shearston had travelled to Arcadia in Southern Greece and felt the local area to be equally idyllic. The name Arcadia was accepted in a public meeting on October 28, 1895.

The parcel of land which Arcadia Public School is located was purchased on March 13, 1896 from the sisters Henrietta Best and Eveline May Wells for £44.0.0 plus £6.0.11 interest.