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The study of mathematics is mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10. 

By studying mathematics, students learn to work mathematically – developing fluency, understanding, problem-solving, reasoning and communication skills.

The syllabus consists of the following strands:

  • number and algebra
  • measurement and geometry
  • statistics and probability.

student playing with number blocks

At Arcadia Public School every child’s numeracy skills are enhanced through innovative programs utilising technology, explicit teaching and the use of hands-on materials.


Maths groups across the school engage and challenge our students, offering them learning tasks that are appropriate to their learning needs. Outstanding learning programs instil deep understanding of mathematical concepts while promoting the confidence in your child to apply Mathematics to their everyday lives.


Your child will learn within each of five broad strands

  • Number
  • Patterns and Algebra
  • Measurement and Data
  • Space and Geometry
  • Working Mathematically


Arcadia Public School students actively participate in the 'Mathletics' and 'Count Me In Too' programs.